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air compressor

Our Services 

  • Compressed Air Systems

    Distributor for:
    • Curtis

    • Ingersoll Rand

    • Most Major Brands

  • Field Maintenance and Repairs

    • All Brands of Compressors, Dryers and Accessories​

    • Cost Competitive Rates

    • Expert Service

  • Compressor Parts and Oil

  • Compressor and Air End Rebuilding

Emergency / Breakdown Services

  • We stock thousands of parts

  • Service trucks stocked with standard items

  • Strategically located service techs for quick response

  • Rental Air Compressors

    • From 5HP to 100HP

Training After Purchase

  • On site hands on training 

  • Practical information

Improving System Performance

We help customers save thousands of dollars through compressed air energy  best practices. Let our experts analyze our system to maximize the combination of affordability, convenience, and comprehensiveness.


Benefits of an Air Demand Analysis

  • Significantly reduce energy costs by identifying and eliminating inefficiencies in your system. 

  • Reduce production scrap/waste by providing consistent pressure to production equipment.

  • Cut air compressor maintenance costs by optimizing run time and reducing excess cycling.

  • Reduce production equipment maintenance costs through improved air quality. 

  • Minimize downtown by reducing compressor maintenance intervals. 

  • Reduce your carbon footprint with lower energy consumption. 

  • Help qualify for utility rebate programs to pay for system upgrades. 

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